Close Panel
Use the panel on the left to control the filter simulation settings.
You may select a preset from the drop-down on the top left.
Click and drag or swipe on the viewport to orbit the view.
You may also zoom in using your device's default method such as scrolling the mouse wheel (computer), or pinch-to-zoom on a touch device.
View the resulting filter plots using the tabs above.
Trajectory Settings
The simulation trajectory's Length and time Duration can be changed on the Trajectory tab.
The Type of the trajectory allows to test it across different trajectory shapes.
If the Random trajectory is selected, a new random trajectory can be generated by clicking the New Random button.
Filter Settings
The filter controls are Smoothness, Responsiveness, the Filter Order and the Limits.
Depending on the Filter Order, you can define the limits for Velocity (all orders), Acceleration (Second and Third) and Jerk (Third order only).